Tombs ‎– Savage Gold -CD


In 2011, Tombs created quite a buzz with their album "Path of Totality" as it was part of many a metal critics best of lists. Being someone who is always looking for new and unique blends of music within the metal genre (Tombs being described as post-black metal certainly didn't hurt). I decided to give the album a listen. I did here some things that were intriguing right off the bat: The album was crushing! The elements of the post-metal genre also shone through brightly. However; the over usage of programming made the album rather abrasive and difficult to immerse myself in. So I wondered, how would Tombs sound if they stripped their sound to something more raw? Fast-forward three years later and with Savage Gold that's exactly what Tombs has done!

Beginning with the opening track "Thanatos" Tombs demonstrates their ability to embrace the black metal aspects of their sound. This is especially evident during the course of "Portrait" in the guitar and drum patterns. What else is striking about the album is the usage of slower brooding songs as lengthy bridges into the more fast paced songs (i.e. "Deathripper" leading into "Edge of Darkness").

Throughout the album there is a rich diversity among the vocals. Mike Hill is able to transition from raspy post-metal vocals (i.e. Thanatos, Portraits,) to black metal shrieks that would rival Norway's best (Portraits) and even projecting powerful clean vocals (Echoes, Deathtripper). These vocal elements come together to form the perfect blend of post and black metal vocal variation; in a way that each word is understood whether it is screamed, growled or sung.

The album's production overall is what struck me the most. Gone are the overlapping samples and in their place is a clean sound that allows each instrument to shine individually and collectively. The end result is an album that comfortably blends the strongest elements of two genres and creating something that is truly all its own. Highlights: Thanatos, Echoes, Séance, Edge of Darkness.