THRONE OF AHAZ - Nifelheim Digipack CD
THRONE OF AHAZ - Nifelheim Digipack CD
Throne Of Ahaz

THRONE OF AHAZ - Nifelheim Digipack CD

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Six-panel digipak with 8 page booklet, limited to 500 copies.

"Nifelheim" was recorded in U.M.T. Studios, 18 - 23 March 1993.
"At The Mountains Of Northern Storms" was recorded in U.M.T. Studios, 13 - 14 June 1992.

As the minimalist black/white layout already hints at, this is pure second wave Black Metal without any compromises, recorded in northern Sweden in the beginning of 1993. Unlike their second, more melodic album ‘On Twilight Enthroned’, ‘Nifelheim’ does not have that typical swedish sound. The sound here is like a winter night, piercingly cold yet clear, favoring the trebles. Don’t worry, it is not sterile, but stays organic and sufficiently raw to maintain the atmosphere. The riffs are very varied, ranging from typical scandinavian tremolo-picked buzz-saws to more old-school thrashy ones, and they are always played in a dirty yet flawless way, like they should. The guitar-sound on ‘Nifelheim’ is icy, one of the coldest I have ever heard (and I have heard a lot). On top of that, Beretorn is howling like a possessed wolf. His vocal expression is extremely hateful. The pace of the music is mostly mid-tempo or even a bit slower than that (not 'Black Doom Metal-slow'), but there are enough fast parts as well to keep it varied. The eight tracks are rather compact, simple but well written; there are no useless gimmicks, only straight grimness. Although keyboards are present in some tracks, they are very scarcely used.

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