Thou Art Lord - The Cult of the Horned One MCD


The demo starts with one of the best Thou Art Lord songs ever:

"The Era of Satan Rising" - A fast, aggressive yet melodic song, dominated by razing tremolo picked riffs, rather deep(for Black Metal) vocals and fast drumming. The fast riffage is only interrupted by one well-crafted slower passage which unleashes the typical Greek feeling of morbid beauty and atmosphere, followed by a great, melodic solo. A fantastic track.

"Praising the Impure" follows and the typical, fast tremolo picked riffs show up once again. The song does have a lot of similarities to "The Era..." in the beginning, but suddenly a slow, keyboard-laden passage breaks in and our ears are graced by beautiful guitar melodies and superb keyboard work. Another great track.

"In Blood We Trust" is slightly weaker than the other two. The slow, pounding intro is slightly overlong and is followed by a rather monotonous und unremarkable riff which is repeated just a little bit too often. It takes a while until the song reaches the quality of the rest of the demo, but at least then we're graced by nice tremolo melodies and atmospheric keyboard use again.