Thorns - Thorns CD


It'd be a grave understatement to refer to this excellent album as the greatest black metal opus to ever be released unto the mostly idiotic, surely undeserving audience. Thorns' debut is comprised not only by a mere clean, sharp, uncompromisingly perfect execution of every single trait of any quality that the corners of the genre hold. This creation is instead much, much more than that. It's doubtful it will ever be appreciated, valued, understood or revered as much as, or even close to what it should be for what it is, and for what it actually represents. As enigmatic as this ice-breaking introduction to the review may appear, it truly becomes hard to even find the proper, fitting words to attempt to sum up an unworthy review of this excellent work by someone who is such an important and enigmatic figure in the history of black metal who made something as cryptic, futuristic, special, and unique as this one of a kind album right here.

Thorns is, in essence, a legendary, unique band vertebrated and composed in its virtues by founding and only ever-present member Snorre W. Ruch, a man who just happened to witness the cold-blooded murder of his contemporary artist Euronymous first-hand, someone with whom he had shared musical style and ideas with before his untimely passing at the hands of jealous, evil people.