THORNIUM - Dominions Of The Eclipse Digipack CD

THORNIUM - Dominions Of The Eclipse Digipack CD

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"Dominions Of The Eclipse", songs 1 to 8 was recorded during the dark winter of November and December in 1994, originally released by Necromantic Gallery Productions in 1995.
Track 9 was re-recorded for this release.
The demo songs 10,11 and 12 was recorded in early 1993.

After the release of their debut demo, Thypheus, with the help of Ulverheim, went back to the studio to record their debut album titled "Dominions of the Eclipse", which will be released in 1995. While the demo was more of your typical black metal from the early 90s, this debut album would be a turning point for the band, as they had crafted something truly grand and epic.

Overall, this album is a whole lot better than the demo for many reasons. The instrumentals take on a more atmospheric and emotional direction that works well, Thypheus reflects all of this well with his wild shrieking, and the lyrics would wrap it all up with its creepy stories. However, the band would end up disbanding shortly after, and won't reform until 2007. Regardless, this album still remains their best in my opinion, and is one that I highly recommend.

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