THERION - Theli Slipcased CD
THERION - Theli Slipcased CD

THERION - Theli Slipcased CD

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One of the most essential Symphonic Metal album ever! The glorious album that marked a new era for Therion.

More than 25 years after the release their legendary fifth album, “Theli”, the seminal album will be available on deluxe CD once again via Hammerheart Records!
Today, “Theli” is considered formative in the symphonic and operatic metal genres - incorporating choir and classical instruments and
contributing immensely to the breakthrough of Therion, all the while being a release that the band themselves considered a defiant
departure from their standard ways.
Opening track “To Mega Therion”, still a fixture of the band’s live shows, emerges as top-class with its influential guitar lines,
complex structures, a constant flux of varying lead vocals and choral elements.
Throughout the whole album, Therion showcases how classical music and metal soundscapes can coexist:
balancing driving harshness and withdrawn, atmospheric passages, growls by famous musician and producer Dan Swanö and soaring choir,
as well as keyboard and guitar.
“Theli” is an undisputed all time classic highly acclaimed by fans and critics, delving into a sound that shaped the evolving symphonic
metal genre to come.

• Remastered for massive impact by Toneshed Studio (Trouble, Pestilence, Dead Head)
• Comes as a jewelcase with full booklet in a silver laminated slipcase, featuring the original artwork
• Therion grew to become the biggest Symphonic Metal band after releasing “Theli” in 1996 and has a huge worldwide fanbase

For fans of: Nightwish, Amorphis, Celtic Frost, Tiamat, Within Temptation

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