THERION - Secret Of The Runes Slipcased CD
THERION - Secret Of The Runes Slipcased CD

THERION - Secret Of The Runes Slipcased CD

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Secret of the Runes is another perfect masterpiece made by Therion.
An unique album full of musical genius, classical brilliance and fascinating Nordic tones!
Only one year after the release of “Deggial”, they soon came back with an incredible new album: “Secret of the Runes”.
This time, Therion challenged to make a concept album which concept is based on Norse mythology.
In this album, each song gets one of the names and concepts of nine worlds.
“Secret of the Runes” sounds very different from any other albums of Therion, and it’s also one of the best albums Therion has ever made.
On “Secret of the Runes”, Therion’ s music style becomes more various than their previous albums.
Aside from the operatic choruses and symphony orchestra, they add many Scandinavian sounds such as black and Viking metal.
More surprisingly, the music fits with concept perfectly.
This album also shows magnificent atmosphere of Scandinavian epic metal, which Therion has never composed before.
Moreover, the musicianship in this album is better than all of their previous albums.

In “Secret of the Runes”, the inspiring creativity of songwriting skill also appears once again.
Therion is back to their standard, and they are even above their high level.

• Remastered for massive impact by Toneshed Studio (Trouble, Pestilence, Dead Head)
• Comes as a jewelcase with full booklet in a silver laminated slipcase, featuring the original artwork
• Therion grew to become the biggest Symphonic Metal band after releasing “Theli” in 1996 and has a huge worldwide fanbase

For fans of: Nightwish, Amorphis, Celtic Frost, Tiamat, Within Temptation

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