Therion - Beloved Antichrist 3-CD


In order to fully enjoy Beloved Antichrist, you must like operatic and symphonic music, bring a lot of time to digest more than three hours of music in a row and be interested in the album's ambitious concept. If these elements apply to you, Beloved Antichrist could be seen as one of Therion's very best albums and certainly as one of the best symphonic and operatic metal releases of this decade. Beloved Antichrist is an ambitious project that has never been attempted before and that should write history. A final rating is difficult to apply since this is the soundtrack to an opera that doesn't exist yet. It would be interesting to see how the music complements the stage acting in the future. As it is now, I consider Beloved Antichrist a positive surprise with outstanding vocal performances, smooth classical instrumental passages, a few occasional rock and metal elements that are rarely but very efficiently used, an intriguing concept and a surprisingly smooth flow despite its excessive length.