The Wizar'd ‎– Subterranean Exile CD


Over the years, Tasmanian maniacs The Wizar’d have repeatedly proven their penchant for writing massive, catchy doom. Not many have a better track record—the band has put out 3 records before the newest, and each is excellent, with a history of influence from Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General, and others from the dawn of the genre, always standing in stark contrast against any and all modern trends within doom metal. All of this is standard for ancient wizard/songwriter/vocalist Will Fried, who leads The Wizar’d, Tarot, Dracula, and several other bands, all of them sounding pulled from the primordial stew of early metal, hard rock, and fuzzy, demon-slaying doom.

Prior to new record Subterranean Exile, The Wizar’d had evolved their sound to a point of demonic heaviness. Fried’s vocals took on a rough, nasally croon that bounced between demented and charismatic in the absolute best of ways. Quirky songs played off the early doom sound in a way that showcased impish delight rather than the grace or serenity that you’d expect from the regular comparisons fans make to Pagan Altar; the overall package was codifiably The Wizar’d, and that was what I expected with the band’s 4th record.