THE TROOPS OF DOOM - The Rise Of Heresy Digi-CD
The Troops Of Doom

THE TROOPS OF DOOM - The Rise Of Heresy Digi-CD

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Reissue with bonus track "Morbid Visions"
It includes a 8-page booklet.

Nevertheless, as with the lion’s share of death thrash offerings following the style’s development, this beast of a debut EP dubbed The Rise Of Heresy lives and dies by the mightiness of its riff work. Barring a short symphonic introduction that precedes the brutality on the album’s opener “Whispering Dead Words”, which is fairly reminiscent of the haunting and horrific theatrical preludes employed by Kreator of late, this album is a no nonsense ride back to the days when death metal was vicious without being rhythmically or tonally convoluted. The four newly composed songs that flow through the first two-thirds of this darkened excursion lean towards the rapid fire chaos that was typical of 35 years ago, to the point where one would be tempted to wonder if Guedz had these songs tucked away going all the way back to his tenure with Sepultura. Each songs stands strong in the old style, but the one slower offering “The Confessional” stands apart with a more haunting melodic scheme to the guitar work, almost like a more extreme reflection of select offerings off Slayer’s South Of Heaven.