The Spirit Cabinet - Hystero Epileptic Possessed digi-CD


THE SPIRIT CABINET is a creation of pure dutch witchery.The Netherlands scene Is full of mixed genres. Take JUDAS PRIEST and paint it black.  Here you go, high quality black/doom flavored album. Tastes a little bit like a CANDLEMASS. "Hystero Epileptic Possessed" is a pretty accurate album name. Expect darkness, tombs, ravens and leather. Some says its sketchy, and others says it's just classic. The Album has came in wrong times. The release occurred on 14th August 2015, but its an opus torn straight outta 80's. It brings back a lot of good memories and has quiet a nostalgic feeling to it.

Snake, the vocalist, managed to keep the old-school NWOBH spirit. Band took advantage of his vocal skills. Songs accelerate and relieve to typical doom metal tempo. It gives a lot of space for vocal show ups. The blackened style is manifested in occasional melodic-tremolo riffs (but is easy to sense it in band named track  "The Spirit Cabinet" where harsh yell of singer is just magnificent, or "Convulsions"). Band takes much more from the Doom genre. For example, first and last  2 minutes of "Credulity" is pure Doom. As I said before these parts are in every song on the album. but still the core is made of a catchy heavy metal riffing, either groovy or vivacious. Switches between riffs are smooth. Thanks to this style and composition songs are neither predictable nor boring. It's hard to accomplish in such old and exploited genre.