The Ruins Of Beverast - Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer Digi-CD


The atmosphere of this music is so thick and absolute that it summons images into the listener’s mind. When I listen to this album I envision a cathedral made of black marble with deep blue stained glass windows. Alexander stands hooded at the head of the deeply shadowed hall preaching his lyrics. Such is his ability to create a very real atmosphere that the listener can create their own world from it. This is strengthened by the fantastic cover art by Axel Hermann which perfectly captures the mood of the album.

I really can’t sum up in words how good this album is. Even with the length of this review I don’t feel I’ve touched the sides, I'd have to write a book to do it justice. I would recommend it to lovers of dark, atmospheric black/death metal. However I believe this is an album any true music fan should listen to. I love this album as a whole but if I had to pick two songs to check out I wound say 'Malefica' and 'Spires, The Wailing City' as they show a good variety of the styles used. I do believe this album deserves classic status. It’s the kind of album we can look back on and see what true excellence really is. Absolutely fantastic!