The Order Of Apollyon Digi-CD


'Moriah' goes right for the jugular, and does so in splendid fashion. It offers a full-bodied experience, clad with dynamic percussion, thick bass, convergent guitars that violently swirl, and layered vocals that collectively allow the music to breathe and pulsate. There is a clear similarity to Aosoth and VI, which is obvious given the predominant input from BST. However, 'Moriah' resides successfully within the grounds between both projects, and draws from later Aosoth as regards the fullness of sound (see for example 'Appendix C') and juxtaposes this with the nuanced creativity and dynamism of VI. In with this hybridisation are subtleties that draw in the sound from other projects - for instance, 'The Cradle' in all its triumphant and technical glory reflects back early Amon Amarth in the riffs of the mid section and caps this with the melodic lovechild of A Canorous Quintet's 'Silence of the World Beyond' and Satyricon's offering on parts of 'Nemesis Divina'. Persistent throughout - this being said - is the thick tarry atmosphere developed neatly by the bass guitar akin to the more recent LPs from The Ruins of Beverast and the layered death metal vocals as on Behemoth's 'Zos Kia Cultus' and 'Demigod', which ensnares and is jarring to equal end.