The Night Flight Orchestra ‎- Aeromantic 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Imagine if ABBA played hard rock with great synth work and solid vocals that actually made them a good band. That is the basis for The Night Flight Orchestra, who are an incredibly fun side project of longtime Soilwork front-man Bjorn Strid. There is more to it than that of course but that is the best description for those unfamiliar with these cats. If you like high quality 70s/80s rock/pop, this band will delight you in all the best ways. Their third album, Amber Galactic, made significant waves in the metal community and their last one, Sometimes the World Aint Enough, was absolutely glorious. Needless to say, fans should be hyped for their latest album, Aeromantic, as it is sure to provide more killer hooks, catchy tunes and drum patterns that are totally groovy.