The Konsortium - Rogaland Digi-CD


Embodying the fertile fjord-slashed coastlines and bays of South-Western Norway, The Konsortium‘s modern and meticulous approach to progressive black metal on ‘Rogaland’ seeks a genuine connection with the land of rye-eaters, the Ryfylke. Old Norse spirituality is invoked through sheer work-ethic a less with old traditional sounds as the band’s second full-length is a bold, enticingly crystal clear and futuristic undertaking. ‘Rogaland’ is delivered with an avant-black metallic propulsion system that is even more polished than their 2011 self-titled debut but the less-than-serious tone is abolished in favor of region-appropriate stoicism. Though no shortage of blackened, thrashing avant-metal exists in Norway’s modern extreme metal climate, on ‘Rogaland’ The Konsortium display great focus, marvelous attention to detail and ultimate listenability compared to their suggested peers.