The Gathering - Home 2-LP (Black vinyl)


I'm not a huge fan of gothic rock and its likes, but The Gathering has a special place in my heart. They are such a diverse band, and that's what I like about them - no two albums sound alike, and all of them are superb and highly enjoyable. So, let's see what we've got in this one...

"Home" has plenty of electronic material in it. A sample here, another one there, there's even talkbox part in one place. It doesn't make it sound artificial like techno in the least, however. The samples blend very well with instrumental tracks. Speaking of instruments, there's no virtuoso technique here, but at the other hand all the parts are molded tightly together and sound like one single entity. Besides the instrumets we can't forget to mention Anneke's singing. The vocals are sometimes processed through some reverb/delay effect, making a haunting feeling, but are generally very clear. Anneke doesn't show off with extreme operatic stuff, but instead sings her parts with great precision and feeling.