The Foreshadowing - Seven Heads Ten Horns digi-CD


The Foreshadowing is an Italian gothic doom metal with three strong albums in their previous discography. The sound revolves around slow, apocalyptic landscapes that provide an ultimate support for Marco Benevento's baritone vocals. This album pretty much picks up where predecessor "Second World" left off, for good and bad. Debut "Days of Nothing" had the bands most active string instrumentation, but the band seems to move more and more towards only having the guitars as a backing instrument.

Production is similar to "Second World", which means massive. The walls of downtuned rhythm guitars may not have that many moves, but they certainly sound big. Keyboards, choirs and simple lead guitar lines linger on top and provide an extra layer of atmosphere. This sound arrangement really works with the epic doom feeling that the band is aiming for. As expected, the vocals are excellent. Marco has a soft baritone voice that fits The Foreshadowing perfectly. Many times he feels like a narrator smoothly playing off the gothic background sounds. I find his style quite refreshing, as there are many singers in this part of the genre tree who feel like they try very hard to convey emotion.