The Doomsday Kingdom ‎- The Doomsday Kingdom 2-LP (Black vinyl)


The debut from The Doomsday Kingdom. Gatefold sleeve. Including lyric sheet.

Like the EP that Candlemass released last year, The Doomsday Kingdom’s debut album makes one wonder if there’s honestly any difference between the various bands masterminded by bassist Leif “The Doomfather” Edling. They all feature different lineups of musicians but their styles usually don’t venture far from the semi-epic doom format pioneered by Candlemass and Krux since the 2000s. Fortunately The Doomsday Kingdom proves that while Leif has a specific way of doing things, he still happens to be pretty damn good at it.
In many ways, The Doomsday Kingdom’s debut album feels like a Candlemass album in disguise. Even if there are times when one wonders what kept Mats Leven from singing on this, it provides fans with everything they love about the band and its various descendants. The powerful riffs make up for the times when the vocals feel a little shaky and the songwriting makes it worth revisiting. When an album scratches the doom metal itch as well as this one does, it really doesn’t matter what name it’s under.