The Body & Braveyoung - Nothing Passes Digi-CD


This album is a collaborative effort between the experimental sludge/doom metal band The Body, and the instrumental drone band Braveyoung. It was released in 2011 on At a Loss Recordings, though I am reviewing the amazon MP3 version because I am impatient and can’t wait for it to ship. Let’s start with the criticisms first though to get them out of the way;

The title track drags on a bit, and hurts the pace. That’s it. Now to gush profusely about how much I love this EP in as critical a way as I can conceive. The tension is the most impressive part to me. The fact that both bands can collaborate to make such beautiful, intense, at times disturbing, and often tension-filled music is incredible. I must emphasize that this is a collaborative effort. To call this a split would be inaccurate on multiple levels. My favorite song on the entire EP is, though I confess it to be unfortunately named because of the britpop band Blur, “Song 2.”

This song is the embodiment of all the tension that I previously mentioned two-fold. The way the song begins, progresses, and especially the crescendo at the end where the intensity reaches its climax, is all just breathtakingly brilliant. The instrumental is sinister, implying a rising dark force from within, fittingly, the body. And instantly snaps into madness as the desperate vocals kick in, and the sludgy guitars.

“The Vision” is also worth a mention, as it is a very impressive cover of an obscure Exuma song done in a unique way. With a female vocal lead cleanly singing with acoustic instrumentation, it is almost as if it is implying the whole EP was the experience of life and death itself. And the lyrics do nothing to conflict that message.

Overall this EP is one of my favorites, and it sits among the great and unappreciated works of obscure artists and writers everywhere. The Body being one of them. A very high recommendation.