The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack CD


The first track, “In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me,” is a perfect introduction to the album and is one of my favorite songs ever written by this band. It’s fast and unrelentingly heavy, letting you know that The Black Dahlia Murder aren't fucking around here. Brutality is the name of the game on Everblack, with a clear emphasis being placed on it as opposed to the band’s more melodic and technical elements, which are somewhat dialed back in contrast to previous albums. This is particularly apparent in tracks like “Into the Everblack” and “Phantom Limb Masturbation,” which feature some of the heaviest riffing on the album. Don’t get me wrong though; there’s still plenty of melody to be found throughout the album as The Black Dalia Murder’s balance of melody and brutality remains carefully preserved.

The musicianship on Everblack is phenomenal. As always, Trevor Strnad exhibits his wide vocal range in the form of black metal-esque shrieks and death growls that both sound great. Trevor is easily one of the greatest vocalists in death metal. I also thoroughly enjoy the guitars on this album, especially the lead work of Ryan Knight. Everblack throws countless crushing riffs, catchy melodies, and brilliant solos at you throughout its 45 minute runtime. Anyone who appreciates a good death metal tune will be awed by the infectious chorus of “Control” or the simply amazing solo on “Map of Scars.” The drumming on Everblackis also highly enjoyable. Alan Cassidy is an excellent drummer who really stands out during the faster sections of the album where he blasts away like a maniac. His drumming is very tight and technical.

Everything about Everblack is executed perfectly. The Black Dahlia Murder are absolute musical geniuses when it comes to delivering death metal that’s equally punishing and catchy. Each song on this record is memorable in its own right and every time I listen to it I crave more. Drop what you’re doing right now and go buy this album; you won’t be disappointed.