The 3rd And The Mortal - In This Room 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Following the unpredictable progression from doom metal to unclassifiable music, The Third And The Mortal composed and released a compelling piece of art into the world back in 1997, and called it In This Room.

Overall, this album seems like the result of solitude-induced madness, a point in which a person goes from feeling incredibly sad (Tears Laid in Earth), then falls to the bottom of a depressive pit to the point of getting used to it (Painting On Glass) and finally becomes so insane they don't even care anymore (In This Room). This album is not for those looking for doom metal, or any kind of metal at all, at that. Whatever traces of doom that could be found on their previous album are now completely gone, replaced by whatever you want to call this, just wonderful and tranquil music with bizarre and noisy moments, some sort of organized chaos (nevermind the paradox) which pushes music to a place where it seldom goes. To round things up a bit, this album is basically a mixed bag of chillout/triphop-inspired, post-rock/avantgarde-oriented music which is as hard to label as it is to completely appreciate. So if you like strange music as much as I do, you should definitely listen to this album, and band.