TESTAMENT - Souls Of Black LP (Black Vinyl)

TESTAMENT - Souls Of Black LP (Black Vinyl)

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Classic TESTAMENT LP. 180 gram Vinyl.

Overall this record is incredible for being written and recorded in 6 weeks. No other band could pull that off as excellent as Testament did with the help of legendary producer/engineer Michael Rosen. While I wish they had more time to do this record it is absolutely perfect the way it is. This will always remain my favorite Testament record and favorite album ever crafted. I never understood the hate that the 1989-1992 era gets but Testament prove here with Souls of Black that every song doesn't need to be extremely fast or brutal for it to be a great thrash record. The whole album is all killer and no filler there is not one low point throughout its just under 40 minute run time. For me this is the peak of the bands sound and it is a shame that fans and even Testament themselves throw this album along with the entire 1989-1992 era under the rug. Souls of Black is a criminally underrated album that should not be ignored. If you haven't heard this album I highly recommend checking it out as it is a lesson on how to thrash without all the stereotypes that surround the genre. If you like your thrash a bit more melodic, catchy, and technical rather than the more barbaric approach a lot of bands took during the the thrash golden era of 1983-1991, then this album is going to be right up your alley


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