Testament - Live At The Fillmore 2-LP (Black vinyl)


It is exactly excellent time while listening to this live show, even in spite of 17 years of being in my collection. And with no problem I can put it next to Savatage “Ghost In The Ruins”, my best heavy metal live. It’s proper to point out that sounds from Fillmore were recorded in 1995 – a year where the old and important thrash outfits like Slayer, Overkill, Forbidden, Kreator and others didn’t play this kind of music, or were dead. One can say that this live is the last pure thrash in Testament career and I can agree with it, on the next release Testament will shock metal fans showing new face. The face where thrash and death metal fight bravely. And yes, I was also extremely shocked, but in very positive way… Writing in one sentence on the end: demons will arrive to possess my soul…