Testament ‎– Live At Eindhoven digi-CD


This was recorded at the band's 1987 Dynamo Open Air set in Holland, proof that even very early in their career, the Californians were being pushed to the major label thrash elite, and generating buzz everywhere. It was originally released only a few months after The Legacy, and thus all the content is taken from that one album; however, the 2009 reissue actually features the full set with about 20 minutes more material than the old EP with just 5 songs. In addition to "Over the Wall", "Burnt Offerings", "Do Or Die", "Apocalyptic City" and the rare "Reign of Terror" you're also getting "The Haunting", "C.O.T.L.O.D.", "First Strike is Deadly", and Alex Skolnick shredding track (admittedly useless) and an early bird version of "Disciples of the Watch". Sadly there's no "Alone in the Dark", a personal favorite, but with the limited set time at a large festival, you do what you can, and from the sounds of it, Testament had a strong reaction from the Europeans, many of whom must have been entirely new to the band at this time.