TERROR - Live By The Code LP (Black Vinyl)

TERROR - Live By The Code LP (Black Vinyl)

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10th Anniversary edition.

Legendary Los Angeles based hardcore band Terror's sixth studio album Live By The Code gets the 10 year anniversary treatment on Svart Records in October. Originally released by Victory Records in 2013, the album mixed by Matt Hyde (Hatebreed, Slayer) and produced by Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory, Shai Hulud, H20, A Day To Remember) is the “dirtiest, rawest and most hardcore record we’ve done since Lowest Of The Low” according to the band's vocalist Scott Vogel.

"Live By The Code delivers in every way possible. The raw aggression and formula that these guys have put together over their career continues to make gold. Full of sing a longs and throwbacks to the early sound with the metallic edge that Terror has become known for."