Terrifier - Weapons Of Thrash Destruction LP (Black vinyl)


"Weapons of Thrash Destruction" is, despite its brightly coloured zeitgeist artwork, a breathtaking work. What kind of multifunctional weapon is this? The restlessly attacking riffs indicate a very well sharpened knife, the drums make the listener think of a machine gun, the solos are like cluster bombs and the overall impression is comparable to an atomic explosion. Only lead singer Chase Thibodeau does not know his exact role in this inferno. He combines insane hysteria with hysteric insanity and I am undecided whether he is perpetrator or victim. However, his robust, more or less natural voice also possesses a manic element, but this is no unique feature of this guy. Fortunately, the entire band seems to "suffer" from an overdose of motivation. Consequently, the album spreads the vibes of classics such as "Bonded by Blood" or "Forbidden Evil" without lacking authenticity or freshness. The crisp riffing embodies the aura of the early days of thrash perfectly. These elastic yet vigorous, minimally melodic yet flogging riffs make me feel younger, less snivelling and (nearly) attractive to the opposite sex. This is not to say that Terrifier play a somehow female form of thrash. Tender, humorous or harmonic parts have never been heard in the group's rehearsal room. The five-piece is focused on extreme speed and a nice dose of viciousness. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that there must be a spiritual connection between Exodus 1985 and Terrifier 2017.