Teitanblood - Accursed Skin MLP (Black vinyl)


Includes a 12"x12" double-sided insert with lyrics.

Teitanblood is one of those bands I have to be careful with, because their surface appeal is so cool that it's easy for them to become one of those bands that you just say you like to look hip, when in reality you pretty much never listen to their music. They always have sick album covers, they're one of those bands that manages to push the envelope of heaviness and extremity in a time where doing that doesn't even seem like it's relevant or possible in metal anymore, and their name makes you feel like a goddamn warrior king when you say it out loud. TEITANBLOOD. The extra "E" in the band name just makes it look more archaic, and you have to bellow it when you say it a little more. Y'know, just in case the blood of a gigantic, powerful god wasn't a manly enough band name. Did I mention their logo is cool as shit? It's way too easy for me to get caught up in singing the praises of this band without even making reference to their music.