Tartaros - The Grand Psychotic Castle Digibook-CD


Reissue in a killer digibook.

This album is like a horror movie. It's extremely creepy, and features wandering lines, morbidly intense sections, and almost cheesy gothic-type keyboard sections. Each song features all-over-the place sounds, and the vocals are sometimes overpowered by the keyboards.

One thing is for sure, this weirdness is not for the guitar types. Everything in the mix is washed away along with the keyboards. The lines flow and create horror-like atmosphere, and sometimes the mix can seem like a wall of sound.

In some parts, Charmand Grimloch uses his clean vocals, which aren't bad. (He uses them on the title track). Most of the songs seem to be random samplings of journeys through the dark world of Charmand Grimloch, i.e. they seem to have an arbitrary beginning and an arbitrary ending.

The only problem I have with this is the drum machine. It can get quite distracting at times, and at others almost inaudible. I'm glad Charmand is using Trym now for drums.

Get this if you have an open mind. If you hate keyboards, don't get it. That should seem obvious.