Tangorodrim - Unholy And Unlimited LP (Silver vinyl)


Bands expressing admiration for Darkthrone/Bathory/Hellhammer are a dime a dozen; Tangorodrim go the extra mile and credit all three right on their album cover AND feature the cover for "Apocalyptic Raids" as the sole image.

Musically, the band flips back and forth from Hellhammer style down- and midtempo plodding to Darkthrone-ish tremolo picking madness and blast beats. Vocals are pretty unpleasant death-shouts that might put some off (there's a phlegmy, unharmonious rattle going on there that might require medical attention - think Sarcofago during cold and flu season).

Their conviction is total, the songs and riffs are excellently crafted and sound like the product of decades of listening to metal. Production is wonderfully raw but open enough to let the music 'breathe' - unlike earlier releases by the band which sounded more compressed and flat. The drums do tend to sound muffled during the fastest songs, but find me a raw black metal release that isn't true of.