SYRIS - Syris LP (Black Vinyl)

SYRIS - Syris LP (Black Vinyl)

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Let me first say that I can almost guarentee you will never find this album for sale, unless you're looking in a used cd store in Japan, or something equally unlikely.

I'm unsure of exact lineup on this disc, but knowing that members of Twelfth Gate were in it at a later date makes sense, because this sounds quite a bit like a less structured Twelfth Gate.
"American" power metal is kind of a tricky genre to succeed in, and if you're not a fan of bands like Jag Panzer or Iced Earth you probably won't like Syris.
Rhythm guitar and power metal vocals are placed front and center, both of which are solid but unremarkable. The singer has a good range and manages to belt out some powerful notes, but easily blends in among the many other metal singers with his style and talent.
Songwriting is fairly consistent, with some well placed solos in songs like Witch of Eden, and a cool bass solo on Technologiess Calling, but the overall flow of the album is too linear, and all the songs kind of mesh together. It probably wouldn't be so if the production wasn't mediocre, leaving the guitar too low, and the snare tone not sharp enough.
Nonetheless, Syris was obviously a talented band, and could easily hold their own against most American metal releases of 1995. This style of music hasn't been popular stateside since the late 80's, early 90's, since grunge raped the music scene, but then again few metal bands are in it for the money. It's just a shame they didn't put out more than 2 albums, considering what they had was clearly good, if not great stuff.

Definitley worth a listen if you like power/classic metal