Swallow The Sun - Plague Of Butterflies & Demo 2003 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Gatefold jacket.

On the demo: A surprising release from members of the super-fast Finnish black-death band Funeris Nocturnum. Swallow the Sun epitomizes the overall hidden talent of the band, and unleashes it in the form of a 4-song self-released demo of high quality straight-forward doom metal. Keeping up in the flood of Finnish doom metal we've seen over the years, STS just offer more reasons why their country still owns the scene. This is a huge accomplishment in my eyes and the band members truly shine on this demo.

Something of this scale is not all that unfamiliar in doom metal circles, however Finland’s Swallow The Sun have only ever recorded one song that extends past ten minutes, yet alone thirty. Of course, Swallow The Sun are not a band to disappoint, and ‘Plague Of Butterflies’ certainly doesn’t change that. It comprises three movements, yet retains a commendable continuity; where each part flows naturally into the next. Sonically, it’s the band’s established melodic doom sound, as crushing as ever, but this one sees some interesting new developments. At points some black metal influence can be heard, through the sympho-BM tinged keyboard work of Aleksi Munter or, more prominently, through a new vocal style that Mikko Kotamäki can add to his repertoire: A nice juicy black metal shriek that really works for those times when his clean voice and his absolutely stellar low growls aren’t quite perfect enough.