Surut - Surut T-Shirt


Brand of T-shirt: Gildan

Intoxicating, energetic, experimental and emotional Blackened Hardcore/Blackgaze from Tampere, Finland!

Harder than nails, colder than winter.

The story of Surut begins when 5 friends from the city Tampere in Finland decide to join forces and create an angst-ridden which fuses Hardcore, Shoegaze and contemporary yet varied Metal influences into a hybrid that causes shivers to run down your spine.

Surut is also known for intense live-shows that add something extra to their songs. These current times feed the need for a special soundtrack and that is just what Surut relentlessly delivers. Intense vocals, uncompromising riffs and rhythms and an overall in-your-face attitude to make you realize this isn’t a dream but a nightmare! These fever-dreams will leave you in a cold sweat and make you wonder if there will be another tomorrow.

Embrace these songs in the dark nights to come and use them to warm your soul or leave it cold forever. 



For fans of: Bosse-De-Nage, Infant Island, Deafheaven, Jesu