Sunn O))) - White1 2-LP (Black vinyl)


I'm a huge drone fan, but for some reason, I've never been a huge fan of Sunn O))). The guitars don't really strike me like those of, say, Boris, or even any of SOMA's side-projects do. When they took a little walk on the wild side (away from the sound they're more known for in Flight of the Behemoth and 00 Void), however, things got a lot more interesting.

Of course, numerously throughout most bands' careers, they get a bit weary of the same sound over and over and are tempted to experiment with different sounds. The ones that succeed most often are the ones that add some something a little different, but stay true to their original sound. Sunn O))) succeeded massively in this respect. As opposed to the pure guitar/bass sound (aside from a small exception) found in their earlier records, White1 appears to be experimenting with more vocals and drums and even completely stepping away from distortion in the final track (GASP!). The result is definitely rewarding.