Sunn O))) ‎- Pyroclasts LP (Black vinyl)


Recorded in the same sessions as the earlier release "Life Metal", "Pyroclasts" is to be regarded as that album's companion rather than its successor. "Pyroclasts" contains four tracks originally developed by Sunn0))) members (Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley) and their collaborators (Tos Nieuwenhuizen, Tim Midyett and Hildur Guðnadóttir) as part of a ritual of improvisation based on a single modal drone at the beginning and at the end of each day's recording session which was recorded on two-inch analog tape and then mixed by Steve Albini. Whatever the purpose of the ritual was, whether it was serious in intent or it was the Sunn0))) men's way of taking the mickey out of themselves and the Sunn0))) concept with its inclusion of ritual, or even if it was just the usual daily warm-up to get into the mood for "work", the resulting music can be quite a surprise for long-time fans of the band: it is a very beautiful, atmospheric, even contemplative work of soundscape art. Perhaps without intending to or even trying, Anderson and O'Malley have made a very expansive work of minimalist drone with a surprising variety of mood and emotion, and all done without having to rely on vocalists or musicians working outside Sunn0)))'s original drone doom metal genre for their input because of their original music backgrounds.