Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn CD


Dark folk tales, black metal, high production, and a sensationally pervading atmosphere. Interested? If so, you will really enjoy this album. The intro itself is one of the most capturing around. You might even feel present at a The Lord of the Rings battle. For the select ear, this music is great for uplifting one's dark days. Not a single blast beat, so prepare yourself for some slower paced material.

There are two vocalists. "Silenius" has a more throat ripping black metal approach, while "Protector" seems to be holding back, focusing more on harmonizing. However, if you get lost in this CD, the two may become indistinguishable. Although their voices may sound rather dreary to some, the keyboards (a lot in which are horn synths) are predominant and their mellow melodies smooth things out. There will also be glorious choir segments placed sporadically.

Recorded with precision, the guitars sound mainly of a super static muffle. They may seem distant at times, but periodically they transform into a clear folk-like tone. The bass is even more distant yet occasionally drones loudly, almost acting as an additional synth. After a few listens, the bass becomes more apparent. Listening to these strings reminds me of taking that second beer and feeling a good buzz.

What dark folk tales? That's just what I think of when I hear this album. Did I miss the "Black Metal Feelings Protocol"? I don't think so, and that is why I feel it is okay to experience mystery and imagination while listening to Summoning. There are sound effects throughout the album supporting the programmed percussion, which reflects a tribal, march-like experience. The snare drum has been tweaked for what seems to be days, leading the music with an extremely captivating echo snap.

Assumedly, Summoning have altered many minor perceptible "flaws" such as structure, sound, and lyrics in pursuit of a specific genre, their own. After seven years, the sound these musicians aimed for has come clearly into focus. A craftily chosen track from this album would work great as a starter in a metal playlist. Old Mornings Dawn was an honest and starkly monumental effort!