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When it comes to underrated first full length releases, Summoning's Lugburz is one of those lone outriders lost in a mid/late 90's soup of prejudice and wrongfulness. It truly is a phenomenon how some albums get so negative feedback and bad reputation. Be it a rawer production or a completely different style, whatever the reasons some people may have, Lugburz is not necessarily an album for fans of later Summoning material. The clear lack in long and epic songs and energy with which they immortalized themselves on their first attempt is most impressive.

The problem, I think, with many people discrediting this album so much, is the disappointment they endured when listening to this album for the first time, since it doesn't leave much room for their later, more atmospheric work with the echoes in the drums and the epic progression of their long songs. While expecting exactly their later work, people started pointing fingers and loathing a great piece of spectacular executed music. While still being a "rough start", don't make the mistake in underestimating and underappreciating this album, and expand your understanding "Beyond Bloodred Horizons".

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