Summoning ‎- Lost Tales MCD


Lost Tales is a small EP that breaks away from Summoning's typical style of music. If anything, the songs here remind me most of Protector's side project, Ice Ages, but even that seems to be a bit of a stretch. I think Lost Tales is a small, but unique little release that works as a solid supplement for any Summoning fan who enjoys a different taste of ambiance.

Lost Tales has no guitars and no harsh vocals. It's mostly electronic dominated with only 2 songs, but I wouldn't put it on the same level as DVKE or Ice Ages. Still, both songs hereproduce a tremendous ambient feel to attract any listener who enjoys ambient music. Many passages from The Lord of the Rings are found here.

The first track, Arcenstone, is very simple but also very relaxing. Almost sort of a rainy feel. In fact, it's one of my favorite songs from Summoning. I just like the general build up in the beginning and the way the LOTR passages fall into place. The electronics have a low pitched feel to them, but the production is perfect. Vocals are also noteworthy. Well, I wouldn't call them vocals, more spoken, but they fit the mood real well.

Saruman is a bit different from Arcenstone. It may not be as good, but it's certainly worth hearing. This track could have appeared in a Gauntlet Dark Legacy game or any other medieval adventure type of game and one wouldn't even notice. The vocals here are a bit cheesy, but if this type of music attracted you, it wouldn't matter too much anyway. Unlike Arcentone, Saruman is a bit more upbeat and glorified. The tempo is changed about halfway into the song as well. There's more emphasis on the drums too.

Certainly Lost Tales won't appeal to everyone, perhaps even some Summoning fans. But those who enjoy Summoning a lot for the atmosphere may certainly find this album to be worth it. If you can find a cheap copy somewhere, go for it.