Suffocation - Despise The Sun CD


This EP represents the end of an era of so many aspects. It was one of the last works by Scott Burns, the person that invented how this high intensity music should be properly recorded, mixed and mastered. In other words, God. It was the last album that featured Doug Cerrito, the other original guitarist. The first album without Mike Smith, very important in the development of the extreme metal percussion style; only to be replaced with a less known drummer who was even better! It was the last album before the band split, it was 1998 the millennia was ending and so on… All those details make this record pretty unique, besides the fact that it's a brutal slab of death metal at its finest. This album features 4 “new” songs that now are classics and the re-recording of Catatonia, the first song the band put together and was featured on the Human Waste EP. The songwriting displayed here is the band's trademark sound: complex, heavy as fuck and downtuned brutal death metal.