Suffocation ‎– Breeding The Spawn digi-CD


Brutal onslaught of death metal galore. This might be one of their best releases in their entire discography! They made some really original, unrelenting and pivotal songs ever. I cannot recall a Suffocation album being this likable. They really know what they're doing and they just did it, ABSOLUTELY! These guys knew how to pretty much invent brutal/technical death metal being an act of just enormous influence. TOo many bands in the genre(s). They had some great vocals as well, it's not just the perfection in music, but yes the vocals are simply spell-binding. I can't recall listening to a death metal band like this and really liking the vocals.

The sound quality isn't the greatest though, otherwise this would be a 100% rating. But it was way back when it was hard to get albums that were well produced. I think I'm right in saying that. These guys not only tore it up here but the music was mesmerizing as well. Hardcore death metal galore. This album is one that's never to be duplicated. Their debut might've been a bit more likable but both are simply amazing. I like the riffs on here a lot of tremolo picking and down-picking as well! These guys know exactly how to construct songs that are just original as all hell. They just wipe out the competition!

The sound quality is as I said wasn't the greatest of a recording production wise but it's still admirable. The music on here is just blazing! I like what they did here but if the recording was more solid, then I would've given this a 100%. Great band, album and rupturing genre. They know what to do music wise and they also had great vocals. Only a few things that I'd change on here. But everything else as is was phenomenal. They did the genre justice in regards to setting the tone to the genre. And just talent as well as passion here. Everything that makes a solid album is on here!

I know the brigade of streaming music probably has this on Spotify and YouTube, but I urge you to get the CD. I was able to pick it up at a local record store (yes those still exist!). So it's up to you to support the music community and the band themselves. You don't get the same effect as would be doing as getting a physical copy to the album. It's worth it! Sad for all of you that don't even have a CD player! It's a great album and this band is still surviving to this day! Show some respect for the music community and purchase this CD!! I doubt you will dislike it! Own it, today!