Suffocation ‎– Blood Oath CD


Whether this could be viewed the band’s finest hour is debatable, but the truth is that it did provide some kind of a small climax in the guys’ discography from the new millennium as the two subsequent efforts, the recently released “...of the Dark Light” included, were built on the same patterns, both convincing and compelling enough, but hardly superior in any aspect. There’s a certain sense of deja-vu instilled throughout them as the veterans don’t strain themselves too much, preferring to merge with the voluminous competition at present. Well, there’s not much novelty to be squeezed out of the good old death metal template nowadays, truth be told, unless one wants to join the diversification campaign, of course; a thought that has never even remotely crossed the minds of the Suffocation team who have long since sworn allegiance to this gorgeously “off-putting”, mind-bogglingly complex on occasion, age-old genre.