Stuka Party - Schmeisser Smasher 10" + CD


Place yourself in London, 1940–41, during the blitz. Bombs are crashing around you (above you if you’ve taken refuge in the tube), churches and houses and hospitals and warehouses are exploding and burning, and civilians are dying. Or, if you prefer a military role, place yourself in the cockpit of an RAF fighter—a Hurricane or Spitfire—whose task is to harry the Luftwaffe dive bombers and to intercept the V-2 rockets raining down in random trajectories like errant meteors. Now you’ve got an idea what Stuka Party’s Schmeiser Smasher, a project by William Blackmon of Gadget, is all about.For a grindcore album, Schmeiser Smasher has a peculiar yet satisfying thematic unity, an interesting take on a significant and unforgettable moment of British history. And the music is well-suited for conveying the intensity and terror of the blitz. Songs like “Bandit Approaching,” “Warspite,” and “Ark Royal,” with their screaming-machine-gun blastbeats and sampled radio chatter, capture the effect in ways that only the grindcore genre can.