STONE - Stone CD

STONE - Stone CD

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There were many speed/thrash metal bands in Finland in the late 80's. Stone was the first finnish speed metal band to record an album. Maybe the most influential band on finnish metal scene changed their style a bit on every album. The first one is an ordinary speed/thrash in the way of (early) Metallica.

The guys were young, but their playing skills were high. Band gained much criticism due to their crappy lyrics and bassist/singer Janne Joutsenniemi's singing voice. But it was also praised, mainly because of the awesome guitarist Jiri Jalkanen and Roope Latvala, and the drummer Pekka Kasari is also great. Latvala also drew the cover, which has a little suspicious crowd, just take a closer look. The band went quite popular. Their album was released also in the US, where it sold something between 20,000-30,000. They had even a tour booked to support Testament, but Stone's involment was cancelled after few gigs.