STONE - Emotional Playground CD

STONE - Emotional Playground CD

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Stone was THE thrash band of the late 80s and early 90s in Finland. Having Airdash, Prestige, N.N.S., A.R.G. or one of the others as a support for a foreign band back in the day was nice, but Stone was the band that guaranteed a killer show. They set the benchmarks, and became the yardstick to measure every other band back in the day.

Emotional Playground was to become their last full-length before the inevitable break-up, and somehow it seems like it failed to ignite the crowd as well as the earlier works. To be honest, Colours was already a baffling album for someone used to straight and honest thrash pummeling. Stone ventured too far into the progressive Twilight Zone, and the interest stealthily faded. But the album is far from bad. Actually, it's awesome.