Stone - Colours LP (Black vinyl)


The band’s characteristic style was nailed with the eponymous debut which opened thrash metal’s Pandora's Box in Finland along with Airdash’s “Thank God it’s Monday”, and its seismic qualities made the guys the favourites on the metal circuit. Not willing to lose the accumulated inertia, the Stones continued rolling, and “No Anaesthesia!” appeared a few months later possessing the same uncompromising qualities with a slightly more progressive flair recalling the more proficient side of the Bay-Area brotherhood (Metallica, Testament, Heathen). Mentioning the latter, it was the main ingredient on the album reviewed here, the band’s finest hour, and one of the milestones in the progressive/technical metal arena. It was interesting to see how the guys would be able to translate their volcanic approach for the technical/progressive fanbase, and here it was, “Stone Cold Soul”, the opening shredder, a frolic nonchalant piece with spacey fast-paced, also fairly technical on occasion, guitars which throw around optimistic tunes in a light, almost crossover-like, fashion the rough, semi-shouty/semi-clean vocals a stark contrast to the airy feel of the music. “Another Morning” thrashes with a lot of passion, a short spastic headbanger coming like a short version of Wargasm’s “Revenge” from the immortal “Why Play Around”; and “White Worms” plays the role of the ballad here with its more moderate semi-balladic riffage and pensive dramatic build-ups.