SPELLBOOK - Deadly Charms CD

SPELLBOOK - Deadly Charms CD

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When SpellBook released its Magick & Mischief debut in 2019, I was instantly taken by its occultic no brainer of a band name - up there with Night Demon - and overall slinky breed of pentatonic enchantment, similar in style and prose as fellow supernatural proponents of the pentatonic riff Bone Church, Doctor Smoke, Duel, Orchid and almighty forefather Pentagram. Three years later and less than a fortnight away from All Hallows Eve, White Rose City's quartet-turned-(dual guitar) quintet returns in full force with Deadly Charms, an evil breakfast cereal evoking dirge comprised of nine mercurially juggled tracks which beg fair share of slack kneed sing along synchronization.

"Like the early Trouble, Spellbook also allow NWOBHM attitudes in their vintage doom concept." - Rock Hard (DE), 8/10