SOULSKINNER - Seven Bowls Of Wrath CD

SOULSKINNER - Seven Bowls Of Wrath CD

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Soulskinner has been in the death metal scene for some time, but it won't be until their latest album "Seven Bowls of Wrath" was released last year that I even bothered to check them out. After I gave the album a listen, I was surprised on what I heard. Not only does this album exceed my initial expectations, but it's also a fantastic release from start to finish.

To see what I mean, we gotta start with the instruments. Soulskinner has been compared to other death metal bands like Bolt Thrower and Obituary, and those comparisons are well deserved. The guitars have a harsh sound in them, but they also sound a bit melodic and sorrowful, so the riffs have a mix of anger and sad riffs in them. The drums also have a varied beat pattern, as the beats range from typical blastbeats to more slower and technical beats, and they work well in setting the tone of each track. The bass is also audible, and it has its own riffs that bring in a decent foundation. All of this is combined to give the tracks an atmosphere of rage and misery, and it sounds fantastic. One of my favorite tracks would have to go to "Primitive Light", as the guitar riffs sound more brutal, and the overall tone of the track is aggressive and enraged, and it sounds fantastic. The instrumentation on this album sounds amazing, and is one of the best I've heard in death metal lately.

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