SOULBURN - Feeding On Angels Gatefold 2-LP (Silver Vinyl)

SOULBURN - Feeding On Angels Gatefold 2-LP (Silver Vinyl)

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Limited to 500 copies.
Includes 7 bonus tracks and exclusive liner notes by Wannes Gubbels.

Here's a band, which is called Soulburn, but should really be called Asphyx. When the original Asphyx members did their own albums separately, but under this original moniker - Eric Daniels did his "Asphyx" LP and Bob Bagchus and Theo Loomans did "God Cries" and all three couldn't put something together as Asphyx, they decided to split up... And what have they done afterwards? Well, all three formed Soulburn and did demo in 1996. This demo is so rare that I would sell my kidney to get it... Then Theo died unfortunately and was replaced by Pentacle mainman, Wannes Gubbels, but again Bagchus and Daniels didn't decide to call the band Asphyx and kept playing as Soulburn. To me it just doesn't make sense - "Feeding On Angels", Soulburn's only full length album, has more in common with classic Asphyx sound than "God Cries" for instance. And nowadays I consider this album to be an important part of Asphyx legacy, even if it's called different.

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