SORCERY - Bloodchilling Tales CD

SORCERY - Bloodchilling Tales CD

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Issued in a standard jewel case with clear tray. Includes 8-page booklet.

Track 11 &12 are taken from the "Rivers of the Dead" 7" EP

Furthermore, for death metal, these songs are stupendously catchy. Take the fun chorus line of Immortality Given, and you’ll probably find yourself singing, or should I say growling, to it in no time. The middle riff of Descend to the Ashes is also highly memorable and addictive. The band’s pretension never really got a hold of them and they just let the songs flow and ebb with ease. Front-man Ola Malmstrom is a solid growler, giving the album the urgency it deserves. Some of his screams are very fitting in faster sections and his deeper growls compliments the slower ones nicely. The drummer seems well-timed and the rest of the band just churn out quality riffs after quality riffs. Overall, a very spirited band indeed. So basically, anyone who remotely enjoys old-school death metal has to get this. The song titles, cover art itself screams old-school death metal. It’s been re-issued several times but the version with the “Rivers of the Dead” EP is really the best one to get.

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