Solstice - Lamentations LP (transparent green vinyl)


Limited to 400 copies, 2017 re-press

This British band plays a very unique style of music, which is epic doom metal. Fans of Solitude Aeternus and Candlemass should take note, but I'm fairly sure they already own this album. Basically, these 5 guys from England have created a magnificient album in this genre. Beautiful clean singing by Simon Matravers, great riffing and atmosphere by Rich Walker(the frontman of the band) and by John Piras (yes the same guy who went to Cradle of Filth, don't worry it won't take anything from your kvltness :). The songs are well arranged, and exhort a sort of medieval atmosphere to the listener. The outstanding tracks are: 1.Neither Time nor Tide (try not headbanging to this) with its great doom riffs and vocals that would make Robert Lowe jealous. 2.Only the Strong is the personal favourite here, it is a very romantic yet heavy tune with a fantastic chorus :"Every day another pain, each dawn I die at dusk we pray, empty dreams in midnight clouds, cloaked in doom the darkest shroud" Fans of mid period My Dying Bride should also take note. 
3. These Forever Bleak Paths is another excellent song here, this one reminds me of Solitude Aeternus' slower songs. 

Overall, if you're into doom metal you must have this. If you're looking for an interesting musical experience pick this one up.