Sólstafir - Köld 2-LP (Black vinyl)


We are proud to present our 2019 edition of this classic.

Double, vinyl, insert, gatefold... nothing left to be desired!

“Köld” will take up 70 minutes of your life when digested in one listen, and we recommend you do so. After the attentive and careful listening to “Köld” you’ll never forget it, it is a journey...

Arguably the premier metal band from Iceland, Sólstafir have come quite a ways from their Pagan Black/Viking metal roots. So far that any resemblance between ‘Köld’ and their earlier releases has become marginalized, or merely thematic.

They retain the cold core of their sound, that into which the imagination
carves endless white landscapes and blowing winds, but this is packaged into haunting, angst-fueled post-rock, or shall I say post-black metal, or who cares.
When the result is this beautiful, there is little cause for complaint.

‘Köld’ is an album of glowering peaks and depressive valleys, where the geologic blood of the band’s homeland can clearly be heard to run through every selection of phrase and tone.

Eight tracks, most of which check in above the 8 minute mark, create a compelling and thorough journey through the (deceptively) empty and pale spaces of the musicians’ environment.

You do not hear an album like this every day. Though their material has always hinted at distinction; Sólstafir have evolved into something truly unique with this.

We have heard others describe this band as the ‘metal’ Sigur Ros, and with ‘Köld’ you can actually, sort of feel this bond between sonic architecture and a climatic, geographic influence.

Whatever compelled this sound, I do hope it continues, because this is a brilliant album, joyous and haunting and immortal.

It is easily the finest hour yet for Sólstafir, and we would heartily recommend this to any fand of post-rock, or mellow post-black metal, even though it’s obviously much more...